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10 Things Everyone Needs To Know About LED Lighting

  1. LED Lighting Is Simple – All LED lighting is made of 3 simple components: drivers, LED chips, and fixture housings.
  2. Not All LEDs Are Created Equal – While the basic components are the same, the quality of these components varies widely and name brand components are often faked. If a price seems too good to be true, it probably is.
  3. Rebates Can Help Fund Your LED Projects – Almost all utility providers have commercial and residential energy efficiency programs that include rebates for installing LED Lighting.
  4. LED Does Not Have To Break The Bank – When LED first came out, it was very expensive, but prices have dropped significantly as the technology has advanced. Now most projects pay for themselves in utility bill savings within 2 years!
  5. LED Lighting Saves Big $$ – Most facility and homeowners don’t realize LED can cut the lighting portion of your electric bill by 70% or more. That puts $$ back in your pockets!
  6. LED Lighting is Flicker-Free – Did you know that most light sources flicker? This causes eye strain and headaches and can reduce productivity. High-quality LEDs are flicker-free.
  7. The Supply Chain Is Terrible – Most LEDs you buy on shelves today pass through 5-6 companies that each make a markup before they get to you. With Brilled you can buy factory-direct.
  8. LED Comes In All Colors – It’s a common misconception that LED only comes in bright white. LED can come in a variety of color temperatures from yellow to bright white as well as RGB colors.
  9. LED Turns On Instantly – There’s no warm-up period required with LED so you can stop turning your metal halide lamps on 15 minutes early and enjoy instant on and off functionality.
  10. You Can Control It From Your Phone – LED being so simple has created an opportunity for advanced controls allowing you to control your entire facility or home lighting from your smart phone. Just ask for onboard controls.