Regional Partner Program

We sell to Regional Partners all over the United States who share our core values such as quality, integrity, and communication. Become LED lighting distributor by partnering with us.

You don’t have to pick and choose the most important attributes in a supplier and deal with those that aren’t there, you can have great quality and caring service suited to your company’s needs

Regional Partner Program:

      6 Simple Steps to Become LED Lighting Distributor:

  • Free Sample and Trial Order at Partner Pricing for Qualified Companies
  • Exclusive Territories
  • Tiered Wholesale Pricing Based on Quantities of Lights
  • High Quality Products with 10-Year Warranties
  • Customized Training and Support crafted to Your Company’s Needs
  • Opportunities for Companies of All Sizes

Want to Become LED Lighting Distributor - Request More Information About The Program

Our goal at Brilled Lighting is to grow with you. After years of experience in the OEM market, we have shifted our focus to serving the wider market and launched our regional partner program last year. Since launching our program, we have constantly been working to improve our offerings to better meet the needs of our regional partners each and every day.

What We ARE Looking For:

  • Partners who want to grow with us by selling high-quality commercial LED Lighting
  • Individuals or Company’s with experience in lighting, electrical, construction, facilities management, or closely related fields
  • Individuals or Company’s who are prepared to become a part of our regional partner program and place a trial order within the next 60 days

What We ARE NOT Looking For:

  • People who want to buy cheap lights at wholesale
  • People who want to break into the lighting business, but have no experience in related industries
  • People who want to get a one-time deal
  • People who want to work with us someday, but not today

How To Become A Regional Partner

Step 1

To become LED lighting distributor, submit a request or application on this page. We will send you our product catalog and pricing and will contact you within 48 hours to discuss the regional partner program. 

Step 2

Once we’ve answered your questions, we will go over some specifics about your business to get you qualified for a free sample fixture and/or trial order at partner pricing.

Step 3

Upon completion of the trial order, you will become LED lighting distributor. We will discuss your goals for exclusive territory and annual sales and move things forward to get you signed on as a regional partner. 

Apply Now To Become A Regional Partner

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know your lights are high quality?

We produce only the best quality lighting using Meanwell or Sosen Drivers, Phillips or Cree LED Chips, and robust product testing processes. We know our products are quality, that’s why they are rated at 100,000+ hours with a 10-year warranty. We own our facility overseas so we are able to control quality by enforcing lean processes in our manufacturing.  

What is the warranty process if I get a bad light? 

 Our priority is taking care of your lighting needs. In the rare event of a defective product, we will do everything in our power to ensure you get a repair or replacement fixture as quickly as possible. Once a warranty claim has been submitted, we strive to respond within 24 hours to determine the best way to satisfy your immediate needs. 

How is Brilled Lighting different from any other supplier?

We have worked hard to combine the service and support our partners need with the quality of product and price that are unseen together in the industry. The real key that sets us apart is our focus on our partners. We aren’t just looking to sell lights, we are looking for partners who want to grow with us and we support those partners with customized solutions tailored to their individual business needs. 

What if I’m already sourcing lighting overseas?

We love working with partners who have experience in sourcing overseas because we know how difficult it can be. If you’re currently sourcing overseas, we’re here to tell you you don’t need to be on the phone at 3 AM, you don’t have to settle for poor communication over email and WeChat, and you don’t have to settle for unreliable quality and consistency. We’ll take care of all the logistics and still offer you an overseas price point, with USA service.

What is the lead time on orders?

Currently we have a 30-45 day lead time to ship orders directly from our manufacturing overseas. This lean approach requires us to carefully plan with our partners, but helps to keep costs low and allows us to pass those savings on to you. We also offer to warehouse a percentage of normal inventory needs in the US for our signed partners to facilitate quicker lead times. 

Do I have to warehouse product to be a regional partner? 

We work with and sign partners of all sizes. If you want to cover a large territory spanning several states, warehousing would be an important part of that agreement, however, we also work with state or local level partners that are not required to warehouse and we have the option to warehouse goods in our own facilities here in Utah based on our partners needs. We are able to directly drop ship to customers as well based on individual needs. 

If I have an problem with a product, who do I call to get it resolved?

When you work with Brilled Lighting, you can reach us anytime you need us right here at our Utah headquarters at 435-932-0867. You’ll never have to call overseas or wait extended periods of time for a response because we are constantly working to serve our partners.

What are the startup costs?

There is no required buy in or cost to get started as a regional partner, however, we are looking for individuals who are prepared to place a trial order within 60 days of submitting an application. Trial orders require 30% down at the time the order is placed. 

Who are your regional partners?

Our regional partners span a wide variety of companies including ESCO’s, lighting distributors, electrical contractors, and many others. We consider two things to be of the highest importance when signing regional partners:

1. We must share core values in how we conduct business and serve customers 

2. A core focus of our business model is to shorten the supply chain. We strive as much as possible to sell to companies who will be selling directly to the end consumer or contractor who is installing. 

What are your credit terms?

We offer Net 30 Credit Terms for qualified partners. You put 30% down when an order is placed and don’t pay the remaining 70% until 30 days after you have received the product on your doorstep.