Beaver Dam LED Retrofit Case Study

Beaver Dam Facility Case Study PDF

Beaver Dam LDS Facility Case Study

September 2018

JDR Industries excels at developing a simple yet effective Dimmable Fluorescent to LED retrofit for a 100-year-old historically registered facility.


JDR Industries is a leading industrial LED supplier whose main focus is to understand the customer’s needs before providing a solution.  Manufacturing LED lighting is an art that JDR industries has mastered over the past few years.  Focusing on efficiencies and flexibility to ensure their customer has a product that exceeds their expectations, 

JDR Industries is truly a partner you need in your lighting efforts.  With onsite engineers, designers, and sales, the JDR Industries team ensures all your needs are met quickly and efficiently, even if this means a custom product needs to be created.  This is all done in house, under 1 roof.

CHALLENGE – Replace Fluorescent Lights to LED Retrofit:

Firstly, when a building is put onto the historical registry, this complicates any building changes or retrofit projects.  Based in Collinston, UT, the Beaver Dam facility of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints had just this problem.  Built-in 1898, this old building is magnificent but also is extremely difficult to change or upgrade anything inside.

The members of the church often use multimedia presentations and they need an option for their lighting to be upgraded to LEDs for 2 reasons: 

• Enjoy the efficiencies of LEDs and

• Dimming capabilities.

LED Retrofit


 JDR Industries has been designing and manufacturing LED lighting fixtures for over 10 years.  When the church approached them to run this upgrade, they jumped at the opportunity.  There were several requirements that they need to meet:

  1. Must be LED lighting that can install in a standard T12 fixture
  2. Cannot remove or add any of the current wirings
  3. Must keep all the current fixtures as they are (this included 3ft and 4ft fixtures)

With those above requirements, JDR Industries created a Triac Dimming retrofit that would fit in all the needed spaces without changing over any wiring (product would plug directly into the current wiring system).  The product can easily mount into all current 4ft and 3ft fixtures.


In conclusion, the church chose to replace the vibrant fluorescent lights with LED Retrofit. As a result, the church is now saving over 70% on their electricity bill. Simultaneously, it also did help in increasing the lux output in the meeting room upto 25%.

With the installation of smart switches, one can manage all the lights from the controls desk, without having to go to the wall. Now, this is something that the church did not think it was possible with an old facility like this one. The client was happy with the outcome.


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