Lets talk about our UFO LED HIGHBAY LIGHT

This UFO LED high bay lighting fixture with aesthetic styling is ideal for replacing HID high bay lights, offering high performance and long life. It uses die-casting aluminium alloy lamp body for maximum heat dispersion. With lower LED junction temperature, the UFO high bay lights can work with higher stability, and longer life span.

High-bay lights are used to illuminate spaces with high ceilings. That usually means ceilings ranging from 20 feet to approximately 45 feet. Because a high-ceiling location has more space to fill, a high-bay, by definition, is a powerful light source that can brighten up a large area. The term UFO comes from the round shape of this style of high bay light.

Given their placement, UFO high-bay lights are natural fits for commercial and industrial uses. They have multiple applications across a range of industries, including workshops, factories and assembly lines. You will also see high-bay lights in large recreational facilities and gyms. These lights are excellent for illuminating storage facilities and warehouses as well. They can be used for large conference halls, event centers, or indeed for any place that needs lighting from an elevation of more than 20 feet.

One of the benefits of high-bay lighting is that it provides clear, uniform lighting of what’s below it with little glare.

Some factors to consider in getting UFO LED High-Bay Light

  1. How high will you be mounting your led fixtures.
  2. Did your lighting has a lot to do with what light you will need. ex: factory, warehouse, production area, lobby or gym
  3. How much lighting automation would you like. Examples of this are, would you like your lighting fixtures to turn off on their own by sensors or are you fine with turning them on and off at night everyday. These can give you lots of energy saving by picking the automation route.
  4. How are you going to wire your lighting fixtures. There are a couple of options here first is hard wire and the second is with a cord and plug. In both these wiring the easy of installing these lights is very evident.
  5. How do you plan to mount your UFO fixtures. The great thing about these lights is you can use a hook option to hang the fixture in the place where older traditional lights were. This allows for a quick easy replacement of the older lighting technologies.
  6. Spread of light play a big role in the distribution of light along the surface of the area you are illumination as well.
  7. Be very cautious of inferior products with sub-par components used in lighting fixtures as well.  Some of the problems with bad components can cause premature wear and flickering lights.